Take a walk through time and savour the tales old buildings have to tell. Tour length is a relaxing 2.6 kilometres. All sites are accessible by road. You can pick up your map the the Museum or at the Town Office both located on Front St.

Early History

Archaeological evidence indicates that people may have lived in the Nipigon area for 9000 years. In the more recent past, rock paintings on the mouth of the Nipigon River show an Aboriginal presence and predate European contact by several hundred years.

Claude Greysolon Dulhut established the first permanent trading post on the mouth of the Nipigon River in 1679, making Nipigon the oldest settlement on the north shore of Lake Superior. Development took off when the Hudson’s Bay Company built Red Rock Post in 1859. Their 350 foot wharf permitted steamboats to make regular stops, and by 1871, the Post was the acting headquarters for the entire Nipigon River watershed.

The arrival of the CPR changed the focal point of the community from the river to Front Street. Red Rock Post became known as Nepigon, and later Nipigon. The first town election was held in 1909.

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E.C. Everett

For more than fifty years, E.C. Everett chronicled the history of Nipigon in photographs, from the opening of churches and commercial establishments, to the royal visit, the Prisoners of War Camp, fires, snowstorms and floods. An astute businessman, he sold clothing and dry goods as well as his own photographs. Everett was also a showman, known to walk on his hands, juggle and recite his own poetry. His first store was at the site of the Plaza Theatre.

After he passed away in May 1984, his daughter Ruth kindly donated several thousand of his photos to the Nipigon Historical Museum. Fortunately, most of them survived the 1990 museum fire.

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