World class fishing can be found at the very top of the great lakes in every season. We have some of the best brook trout around, with 5-10lbs fish a common catch. There is a great variety of fishing; from Lake Superior, the largest freshwater lake in the world, to the fast moving Nipigon River, home of the world record brook trout, and many inland lakes and streams.

If you are up fishing for speckled trout, don’t forget about pickerel, rainbow trout (steelhead), and lake trout in the spring, or salmon, northern pike, and whitefish in the fall. Nipigon is easy to get to, about an hour away from the international airport in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

The Nipigon River is about 48 km (30 miles) long and 50 to 200 m (165 to 656 ft) wide. The river drains Lake Nipigon into Nipigon Bay in Lake Superior, dropping from an elevation of 260 m (853 ft) to 183 m (600 ft). Three hydro dams along the river control the flow of the water. One of the nice spots on the river known for speckled trout is Split Rock. Known for almost 100 years as the place where the World Record Speckled Trout was caught in 1915, 31.5inches, 14lbs 8oz by Dr. JW Cook.

There are also many lakes and rivers in the area known for great fishing, including Fraser Lake, the Black Sturgeon River, Jackfish River or the Gravel River. Check with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources for limits and species restrictions wherever you fish.

The Township recommends that for a great fishing experience, tourists arrange for a guided fishing tour with a qualified guide.

Download our regional sport fishing map here

Download Nipigons top 10 fishing spot pamphlet here

What businesses will arrange a guided fishing tour?

Hardcore Fishing To visit all the good fishing spots on the rivers and lakes in the Nipigon area, Barry Laukkanen is your guide. Barry will arrange for accommodations of your choice to create a tailor made rustic fishing trip.

Bowman Island Charters Gary Lange’s fishing charter provides the big lake fishing experience. With a boat access only lodge out on Bowman Island in Lake Superior.

Nipigon River Bear Hunt For hunters, the Nipigon River Bear Hunt offers week long hunts for Moose, Bear and Wolf as well as trapping tours. Bobby Bearman is a lifetime outdoorsman.

Epic Adventures If you want to take in some of the hiking and kayaking in the area, Michael Elliott will show you some of the really breathtaking views, on the cliff tops, islands and bays of the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area. Kayaking, mountain biking.

When is the best time to come fishing?

  • Rainbow Trout & Steelhead run in the spring and fall
  • Speckled Trout peak season in spring, June
  • Walleye/Pickerel peak season in spring, early June
  • Lake Trout peak season in spring, early June
  • Northern Pike peak season in fall, August and September
  • Salmon peak season in the early fall, around late August
  • Lake Whitefish peak season in fall

Fishing Events (see Annual Events)

Red Rock Fish and Game Lake Trout Derby Early June

Nipigon Fall Fishing Festival on the first weekend of September

  • Competitive Salmon Derby
  • Family Derby
  • Huck Finn

Red Rock Indian Band Salmon Derby Early September

How to get here?

Catch a flight into the Thunder Bay International Airport and drive for an hour North on Highway 11/17 to reach the Nipigon area.

Most of the businesses mentioned offer a shuttle service or can arrange one if requested.

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