Art by Art Photography

Photography Studio and Gift Shop
– Portraits and gallery                    $40 to $400
– Passport photos and I/D photos      $10.00
– Gift Ideas
– Genuine Nipigon Region Souvenirs
– t-shirts, mouse pads, can cozy’s

 We do photography for
– Weddings
– Sports Team Pictures
– Special Events (Anniversaries, Retirements)
– And more!

Values Art lives by…
Art offers his service to the community upholding the values of Truth and Honesty while being respectful towards those that walk into his life. We are all unique and bring our own art through sharing our stories. Art hopes that the atmosphere at the gallery will allow those souls to open up, share and find the art that speaks to their journey.

Art by Art’s vision is that of offering a one of a kind experience through not only his artwork, but also through the interactions with his customers, providing a product that stays true to the natural essence of the moment.

Art’s work is driven by his passion and love for the art of photography. It is his pursuit towards honing his skills and discovering new techniques along the way that continually motivates and inspires. As a true artisan Art utilizes his many years of experience in preparing and sensitizing himself for capturing the organic moments as they arrive.

What’s sets the gallery apart from the competition is that it’s a collection of works by many in the local artisan community here in Nipigon. “Everything before you is one of a kind created especially for you!” and nothing sold at Art’s is made in China, it is all hand crafted right here!

Art holds dedication to developing his passion as a photographer, but also to his clients and townsfolk as a shop owner/keeper. On many occasions you can see Art staying open as late as 7:00pm to service his community. His shop provides him with his sole income, and even though he may not make much, it allows him to continue following his heart and living life as an established artisan.

A bit about Art…
– He is a life time resident who loves the people, his community and where we are geographically located amidst so   much beauty in the world.
– Loves fishing and the outdoors.
– Never drove a car due to a phobia he developed from an accident he had with friends when he was in high school.   He was asleep during the ride and awoke to the car flipping off the road and landing upside down in the bush.
– Loved to hike but developed emphysema.
– Self taught photographer over 30 years.
– Easy going, sees life on the outside of social circles. Tends to drift toward the positive instead of contributing to       small town bickering which leaves him in his own little world filled with a love for life and others.
– Sees the unspoken good in people regardless of their history

The inside scoop…
Art prefers coffee and takes: 2 sugar 1 cream
**If you wanna make him feel really special I hear Hot Chocolate with no lid will do the trick!

Art by Art Photography

Art by Art Photography
Art Laframboise (Baggy), Artisan/Photographer t: 807.889.1314