Commercial Listings

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1 Newton St.

Zoned as industrial property.

Gross site area 15.56 ha

Net site area 11.33 ha

Description:  This is the original site of the Multiply plywood mill which burned down in 2007.  The original building foundation does exist.  Railway is directly east and west, north is zoned residential.  There is an existing road to the property with no weight restrictions.  Closest major highway (11/17) is approxiately 3 km, closest airport and deep water port facility are approximately 110 km (Thunder Bay).  Closest border crossings to the US are approximately 160 and 590 km.  The property is serviced with existing water supply and waste water collection.  Existing electrical, natural gas and telecommunicaiton service to the property.

252 First St.

Zoned as highway/commercial.

Frontage: 496 feet on the southwest side of First St.

Total lot area: 5.12 acres

Description: Access by two entrances from First St.  Services along First St. include hydro, natural gas, telephone, street lighting, police and volunteer fire protection.  Surrounding land uses are mixed and include Northland Motel, Nipigon Church, service garage, Nipigon Memorial Hospital and residential properties.


The above described properties are owned by the Township of Nipigon

Suzanne Kukko, Economic Development Officer
(807) 887-3135 ext 26